• Changi overcomes regional challenges

    Changi Airport processed 54.09 million passengers in 2014, marking an all-time record for the Singapore hub. The 0.7% year-on-year increase was driven partly by increased demand for flights to and from China and Thailand. In common with other airports in the region, overcapacity issues and lower

  • Prague posts traffic increase

    Prague Václav Havel Airport (formerly Prague Ruzyne) handled 11.15 million passengers in 2014, marking a 1.6% year-on-year increase. Aircraft movements dipped by 2.8% to 125,437, reflecting the trend towards larger passenger aircraft. While demand from Russia and other former Soviet states

  • UAE awards e-Border contract

    Joint venture (JV) company Electronic Identity Management and Security Solutions (eIMASS) has been awarded a contract from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Interior to implement a fully integrated triple-biometric border control system. A total of 96 automated e-gates and 94 e-counters

  • UK explores ADS-B for general aviation

    A trial is underway in the United Kingdom to add ADS-B functionality to Mode S transponders used by general aviation (GA) pilots. The trial began in December 2014. In the first phase NATS, with support from the CAA and AOPA UK, is encouraging GA users to connect their transponders to a

  • Air freight stagnation reflects weakness in world economy, says ITF

    Sluggish international air freight activity is not good news for the world economy, according to a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development's (OECDs) International Transport Forum (ITF). The ITF Transport Outlook 2015 noted that air freight tonnes transported to

  • Munich to operate Standard 3 HBS

    The local government of Upper Bavaria has ordered CTX 9800 DSi hold baggage screening (HBS) machines from Morpho Detection for deployment at Munich Airport. The number of machines, contract value, and installation schedule remain undisclosed. The CTX 9800 DSi systems will be used for Level 1 HBS

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  • UAE plots a path through the fog

    Fog disrupts UAE-bound flights only 10-20 days a year but continues to be an operational challenge, the head of the country's General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has acknowledged. "When the fog hits at peak hours, that's when we have problems," Saif Al Suwaidi, GCAA director general,

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  • Seattle runway upgrade draws closer

    A major runway reconstruction project at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is due to begin in April 2015. Work on Runway 16C/34C is expected to finish in November 2015. One notable feature of the project is the installation of the FODetect system from Xsight Systems. FODetect includes

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  • Gatwick assesses temporary fencing

    Gatwick Airport in the UK is currently trialling a temporary security fence solution from Blok N Mesh. The company developed an on-ground vertical concrete barrier (VCB) system for airports that requires only a minimum footprint. It is therefore able to ensure that an airport's somewhat unique