Adacel expands simulation range and tests Aurora

06 April 2016
Adacel's Aurora automation system began live operational trials in French Guiana in March 2016. Source: IHS/Patrick Allen

Adacel introduced a training pod with a small footprint at the World ATM Congress in March 2016. The 7x7 ft training environment simulates two tower working positions and a 270° tower in a compact modular unit designed to provide realistic training where space is at a premium.

The company also demonstrated the MaxSim Ultra 3-D tabletop classroom trainer, used by instructors for airfield training. Adacel has updated this established training tool by adding an interactive 3-D simulator integrated with student speech recognition and an instructor touchscreen telestrator. The tool includes multiple pre-defined airport views and the instructor can programme special events into the scenario.

These new training tools were displayed alongside a futuristic virtual reality headset and Adacel's BioTrack system, which can track a user's gaze to simulate extreme horizontal and vertical fields of view.

A separate product range from Adacel features the Aurora automation system, which operates in airspace controlled by Fiji, France, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, and the United States.

Adacel began live operational tests of Aurora in Cayenne, French Guiana, in March 2016. DSNA (the French ANSP) selected the automation system in March 2015 to control all phases of flight within the Cayenne Flight Information Region, which includes 1.5 million km 2 of oceanic airspace over the South Atlantic. DSNA plans to upgrade ATC systems at other French overseas territories, including Martinique and Guadeloupe.

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    LRM/MDLR AIRFIELD REF PT.: N18 27.03 W068 54.43 ELEVATION : 230' 70m CFR : 0 MAX RWY LENGTH : 9,678' 2,950 m General Information SURFACE : Rwy 11/29, 9,678' 2,950 m, width 148' 45 m, concrete. RUNWAY LIGHTING : Rwy 11: MIRL, REIL, MALS, PAPI.Rwy 29: MIRL, REIL, PAPI. NAVIGATION AIDS : VOR/DME


    MPM/FQMA AIRFIELD REF PT.: S25 55.15 E032 34.21 ELEVATION : 123' 55 m CFR : 7 MAX RWY LENGTH : 12,008' 3,660 m General Information SURFACE : Rwy 05/23, 12,008' 3,660 m, width 148' 45 m, asphalt. ADDITIONAL RUNWAYS : Rwy 10/28, 5,577' 1,700 m, width 148' 45 m, asphalt. RUNWAY LIGHTING : Rwy 05:


    BNX/LQBK AIRFIELD REF PT.: N44 56.29 E017 17.51 ELEVATION : 384' 122m CFR : 0 MAX RWY LENGTH : 8,202' 2,500 m, General Information SURFACE : Rwy 17/35, 8,202' 2,500 m, width 148' 45 m, asphalt, PCN 65/R/B/X/T. RUNWAY LIGHTING : Rwy 17: PAPI left 3°.Rwy 35: PAPI left 3°. NAVIGATION AIDS


    BJL/GBYD AIRFIELD REF PT.: N13 20.16 W016 39.07 ELEVATION : 95' 29m CFR : 0 MAX RWY LENGTH : 11,811' 3,600m General Information SURFACE : Rwy 14/32, 11,811' 3,600 m, width 148' 45 m, asphalt, LCN 80. ADDITIONAL RUNWAYS : None. RUNWAY LIGHTING : Rwy 14: HIRL, SALS, PAPI.Rwy 32: HIRL, ALSF-1,


    GEO/SYCJ AIRFIELD REF PT.: N06 29.91 W058 15.25 ELEVATION : 95' 29m CFR : 7 MAX RWY LENGTH : 7,448' 2,270m General Information SURFACE : Rwy 07/25, 7,448' 2,270 m, width 148' 45 m, asphalt, PCN 66 F/A/X/T. ADDITIONAL RUNWAYS : Rwy 11/29, 5,002' 1,525 m, width 148' 45 m, asphalt. RUNWAY LIGHTING


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