Oshkosh powers up with new version of Striker 8x8

27 February 2017
Oshkosh Airport Products is displaying a more powerful version of its Striker 8x8 in April 2017. Source: Oshkosh Airport Products

Oshkosh Airport Products has upgraded its Striker 8x8 aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicle with a more powerful engine and other new features.

The new Striker 8x8 will go on public display for the first time on 27-29 April at the 2017 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis.

Two rear-mounted Scania engines - meeting EPA Tier 4F emissions standards - deliver up to 1,540 hp to drive all eight wheels.

"The twin rear-mounted engines are a first for us, and a real game-changer," said Jason Shively, director of engineering at Oshkosh Airport Products. "The objective was to efficiently translate all that horsepower to the ground to generate faster acceleration and improve emergency response times. We've accomplished that mission and will realise a sizeable upgrade in performance over the current 8x8."

The legacy Striker 8x8 is powered by a single 950 hp Caterpillar diesel engine that enables acceleration from 0-80 km/h in 35 seconds.

In firefighting mode, one engine in the new Striker 8x8 switches over to power the water pump and firefighting systems (which feature triple agent capabilities, a wide selection of bumper and roof turrets, and an available structural firefighting package).

Other advanced features in the new Striker include the 65 ft Snozzle high-reach extendable turret (launched in September 2016), and a 360° camera system that gives the driver full visibility around the vehicle.

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