iTEC Alliance expands

20 March 2017
The iTEC Alliance, which is funding development of a common flight data processing system in Europe, welcomed two new members in March 2017. From left to right: Rafael Gallego, Indra ATM Director General; Mindaugas Gustys, Acting Director General Oro Navigacija; Janusz Niedziela, PANSA President; Marlou Banning, CFO LVNL; Michiel van Dorst, CEO LVNL; Robert Schickling, COO DFS; Klaus-Dieter Scheurle, CEO DFS (nearest to camera). Source: Jenny Beechener

Two new air navigation service providers (ANSPs) officially joined the iTEC Alliance on 8 March , in a ceremony during the World ATM Congress in Madrid.

PANSA of Poland and Oro Navigacija of Lithuania join founding members DFS of Germany, ENAIRE of Spain, and NATS of the United Kingdom, in addition to more recent partners LVNL of the Netherlands and Avinor of Norway.

DFS CEO Klaus-Dieter Scheurle said "iTEC provides the most advanced flight data processing and controller working position. The technology enables 4D trajectory-based operations, with conflict detection, flight path monitoring, and interoperability between control centres in Europe. It is really a major step forward. Interoperability has not been addressed fully in the past, and is something we need to address more in our SESAR 2020 efforts".

Indra is tasked with development of the iTEC platform, supplying the first deployment which went into full operation with NATS at its Prestwick Centre in July 2016.

Scheurle said the new members will benefit from reduced operational overheads, by sharing development costs and accelerating deployment of enhanced systems. "The joint vision is to deliver improved operational performance and increased cost efficiency for [the] ANSPs involved."

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    CDB/PACD AIRFIELD REF PT.: N55 12.18 W162 43.28 ELEVATION : 101.3' 31m MAX RWY LENGTH : 6,235' 1,900m General Information SURFACE : Rwy 08/26, 6,235' 1,900m, width 150' 46m, asphalt. ADDITIONAL RUNWAYS : Rwy 15/33, 10,180' 3,103m, width 150' 46m, asphalt.; RUNWAY LIGHTING : Rwy 08: HIRL, MALSR,


    SOB/LHSM AIRFIELD REF PT.: N46 41.11 E017 09.33 ELEVATION : 407' 124m CFR : 0 MAX RWY LENGTH : 8,202' 2,500 m General Information SURFACE : Rwy 16/34, 8,202' 2,500 m, width 197' 60 m, concrete 60/R/B/X/T. RUNWAY LIGHTING : Rwy 16: HIAL CAT I 900m LIH, PAPI 3°Rwy 34: SALS 420m LIH, PAPI


    DUR/FALE AIRFIELD REF PT.: S29 37.00 E031 65.00 ELEVATION : 295' 97m CFR : 8 MAX RWY LENGTH : 8,000' 2,439m General Information SURFACE : Rwy 06/24, 8,000' 2,439 m, width 200' 61 m, asphalt, PCN 49 F/A/X/U. ADDITIONAL RUNWAYS : None. RUNWAY LIGHTING : Rwy 06: HIRL, single row CL, PAPI.Rwy 24:


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