Denver hotel gains LEED Platinum ranking

11 April 2017
Exterior view of the Westin Hotel at Denver International Airport (left of the Jeppesen Terminal in this image). Source: Denver International Airport

The Westin Hotel and Transit Center at Denver International Airport has earned Platinum status under the US Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programme.

It was designed to cut energy costs by almost 50%, reduce total energy consumption by 43%, and consume 30% less water than conventional designs.

The various sustainable design features in the Westin Hotel and Transit Center include optimising natural light with wall-to-wall windows in rooms; a panoramic, three-story-tall glass wall in the conference area of the hotel; and an advanced sophisticated energy management and control system that gives the facility operations team insight into real-time building performance and operations. Load-shedding controls on the escalators help to reduce energy consumption, along with smart lighting throughout the facility.

During construction, landfill waste was minimised by diverting and recycling more than 65% of debris, and about 17% of the recycled material was used in the project.

The Westin Hotel and Transit Center was designed by Gensler and built by MHS, a joint venture between contractors Mortenson, Hunt, and Saunders. Features include 433,000 sq ft (40,228 sq m) of hotel and conference space; 519 rooms; and 35 suites.

Beneath the hotel is the integrated Transit Center with direct rail links to Denver and bus connections to suburban areas.

Gensler also designed the 82,000 sq ft (7,620 sq m) open-air plaza connecting the Hotel and Transit Center to the nearby Jeppesen Terminal.

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